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Our training philosophy incorporates an in depth understanding of 
how a dog learns coupled with the knowledge and ability to use varied 
training methods and tools.  The cornerstone to the foundation of our program is the belief that it is the dog with a mind that is open to learning who will best maximize his genetic potential under the guidance of a knowledgeable trainer. 

Success in training we believe is best facilitated in a dog that is enthusiastic and perceives training as fun and as a routine part of his 
life. To meet these needs our program is grounded in techniques that emphasize motivation, success and rewards.  It is a dynamic blend of yard work and field work that provides structure, consistency and feedback to develop a dog with a broad foundation of learning.

We believe that each dog is unique and tailor a flexible program that 
is modified based on training assessments. 
We are dedicated to imparting knowledge to dog owners to help them find ways that work for them in their training so 
that they can enjoy more success and fun with their dogs.   Our goal is to breed dogs that train 
easily, hunt with style and make great companions. We believe that learning and training is never complete for us or our canine friends.  


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