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  1. How are the dogs registered?
    Stonecreek pointers and setters are registered with the American Field and Labrador retrievers are registered
    with the American Kennel Club.
  2. Are the dogs examined by a veterinarian prior to delivery?
    Yes, all Stonecreek dogs have been examined and a veterinarian health certificate will be provided.
  3. Where do I pick up a new dog?
    Owners may pick up dogs at our North Dakota or South locations depending on the time of year or we can ship via airlines. Pups can be shipped at eight weeks of age.
  4. What is the warranty?
    George Hickox Bird Dogs guaranties all dogs to be warranted against hip dysplasia and retinal dysplasia. Dogs are guaranteed to be healthy and free from any hereditary or congenital diseases. We warranty pups to be free of hip dysplasia through three years of age. The owner should have a puppy x-rayed after two years of age to certify that the dog's hips are sound.
  5. If I purchase a dog from George Hickox Bird Dogs are there any breeding restrictions?
    No. The dog is titled in the owner's name.
  6. Where are the dogs trained?
    A dog's current level in training will dictate his training local. We spend time in North Dakota and in the South. The dogs will have had experience on wild quail on our winter southern plantation and wild bird experience in North Dakota during late summer and fall.
  7. How do I pick a more advanced level dog?
    George Hickox Bird Dogs will work with you as a consultant to match the right dog for owners depending on the type of hunting and family needs that are desired. We custom develop hunting companions to the individual's style of hunting. These dogs are normally on a reservation basis.

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