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English Pointers 

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George's goal is to help you enjoy years of team success with your dog. For more than fifteen years dog owners from Alaska to Texas have benefited from attending one of our training schools. A proven training program that incorporates an understanding of how dogs learn is essential for a dog to develop into a bragging-rights hunting companion.

Training a dog and maintaining a level of excellence requires trainer knowledge. All clients purchasing a level I, II, III, IV Pointer have the option of attending one of the George Hickox School of Dog Training seminars at half price. Both the dog and the owner will benefit.

English Pointers

All of our puppies have been wormed, have been given initial immunizations and have been examined by a veterinarian. A veterinarian health certificate accompanies each puppy. All litters are registered with the Field Dog Stud Book, and our breeding dogs are X-rayed to ensure sound patellae, elbows and hips.

Puppies are available for pick up at the facility where they were whelped. Puppies can be shipped via air carrier at eight weeks of age.

A non-refundable deposit of $200 will reserve a puppy. Of course, if Mother Nature does not co-operate or your sex preference is not available, you may either reserve a pup from another litter or have your deposit refunded.

To reserve a puppy or discuss a Level I, II, III or IV dog, please call or email our office.
George will contact you and discuss the breeding and your requirements.

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Approximate age: 6 months to 1 year

The documented imprinting stage for a dog spans the developmental time frame of six weeks to twenty weeks of age. The most crucial period is from eight to sixteen weeks of age. It is critical that the dog be exposed to live birds, the field, and basic consistent structure and socialized with other dogs during this period for the dog to maximize its full potential. When a dog in the imprinting stage is properly exposed to structure and the elements of field work he becomes more receptive to learning. Such a dog will become not only a better companion but also a better bird dog for the hunter.

A dog that has been exposed to critical environmental factors during the imprinting stage has a mind that is open to learning and it is a joy to work with such a dog. We are dog trainers. Letting us prepare your young dog for his future training with you and having us take care of the necessary foundational prerequisites is money well spent. Do it right from the start. Then spend time with us and formulate a plan for the direction to take with your dog.

A Stonecreek level I dog will have had a proper introduction to scores of live birds and has had numbers of birds shot over him.  This dog demonstrates strong pointing and hunting instincts. He has traveled, is accustomed to the crate and is well socialized with dogs and people. The level I dog is ready to graduate to more advanced stages in training. His program has been an extensive one involving clicker training, proper introduction to low level e-collar stimulation, point drills and field work.

We know how the dog trains. We know the dog is a bird finder and has strong pointing instincts. The level I dog is a wise investment and deserves strong consideration by any owner.

The price of a Level I dog ranges from $2500 to $4000. The price is reflective of the experience and training the dog has had, where the dog is in training, whether the dog has developed in North Dakota with experience to wild birds, and the level of performance and style the dog exhibits.

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Approximate age 1 year to 2 years

A Level II Pointer has had wild bird exposure during the summer and fall at our North Dakota training camp. The dog points with style but is not yet 100% reliable in holding point indefinitely. The dog is not steady to wing and shot at this point in his training although he is well advanced in controlled pointing drills on a check cord and is responding well to all facets of training. The Level II dog handles of foot and is well positioned to advance to a dog that will hold point with style and be trained to a level of steady to wing and shot if the owner desires. The price of the Level II pointer is from $3000 to $5000 and is dependent on the level of training the dog is at and his experience on wild birds.

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Approximate age 2 to 2 ½ years

The level III dog is ready to go hunting. The dog holds point with style and class, hunts in range and control, backs, and is fully obedience trained in the field. The level III dog is ready to put his field and yard training to work in a first year hunting season to gain the experience that will develop him into a polished veteran performer. George will discuss the needs of the future owner in order to develop the level III dog to handle in the range dictated by the game birds and topography he will hunt. The new owner will be involved in the selection process and is encouraged to see the dog develop. Upon delivery, George will ensure the buyer understands how to handle and maintain his new companion & hunter.

The price of the Level III Pointer is from $4000 to $6500. The price is reflective of the training and hunting experience the dog has had and whether the dog has been forced broke for retrieving. The price reflects whether the dog is going into his first year of hunting season or has had a year of hunting experience. Level III dogs have been in the house, are extremely social with people, other dogs, and travel well.

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Approximate age 2 ½ to 3 ½ years

A level IV shooting dog is a world-class, bragging-rights hunting companion. Only the very best of the best are developed to a level IV dog. The level IV dog holds point with style, is steady to wing and shot, backs and handles in control. This is a dog that has guided on our A team and has handled birds and hunting situations across North America. The level IV dog is a top shelf, experienced bird dog exhibiting style, class and impeccable bird manners. During the training and development of the level IV dog George will discuss with the buyer the specific aspects of training desired. The dog will be developed according to the range dictated by the covers the future owner will hunt. Whether the dog will live in the house or an outside kennel are all factors in developing and selecting the “Right” dog. At the time of delivery, George will work with the owner to ensure a smooth transition.

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