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Over two decades, I have hunted pheasants in Nova Scotia and the Midwest and bobwhites in the piney woods of Georgia with George and his dogs. During this time I have watched him apply his professional knowledge to developing dogs that exhibit style, class, and exemplary manners. George has the unique talent of reading a dog and applying a program to the individual dog that makes the dog a better hunter and a better companion. Everyone at any level of bird dog experience would benefit greatly from working with George, learning factual principles of canine behaviors, and applying George’s proven program and techniques to their personal dogs. George is indeed a master trainer and teacher. ~ Steve Smith Pointing Dog & Retriever Journal

I grew up owning dogs and was no stranger to handling them but training a hunting dog was an entirely different story. After several years and several different breeds, I purchased my first Deutsch-Drahthaar in 1996. Needless to say, I was hooked on the breed. The versatility is incomparable to anything I have found. I began training with some knowledgeable people I met that also had Drahthaar but I wanted to learn more. I found an AD in a magazine and requested some information on a George Hickox Training Clinic. The clinic I attended was in early 1997 at Grassy Lake Lodge near Paducah, KY.

The dog I had at the clinic was a large, very dominant male Deutsch-Drahthaar that needed a strong hand to control. George's no nonsense approach is outstanding and his ability to help the handler handle their dog is unparalleled. George's clinics will teach you how to control and handle your best friend and still be best friends. The road isn't always easy, but if you follow George's advice, I guarantee you will have a dog that most will envy. Topics are in-depth and whenever there is a problem it is addressed and explained until everyone fully understands. Watching George and the other handlers work the dogs is an education in itself and very beneficial. You will learn just as much while you are not personally working your dog by watching the others.  I see very few problems with dogs but huge faults with the owners and their inconsistencies. George teaches the handler how to work with the dog and stresses the importance of being consistent with commands.

Today, I am one of the top trainers and breeders of the Deutsch-Drahthaar in North America. I sit on the executive board of the Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar - Group North America, am a recognized JGHV (German Hunting Dog Organization) Performance Judge, Specialty Blood Tracking Judge and personally give clinics on the training of the versatile hunting dog. These achievements would not be possible without the foundations I learned by attending the George Hickox Training Clinic in 1997. I highly recommend George's clinics to anyone and everyone who wants to learn more about having a well mannered hunting companion that they can be proud of. Thank you George!
                                                                             ~Fred Turjan
                                                                              vom Fuchsfluesschen Deutsch-Drahthaar

As a female, I was concerned about attending a bird dog training school with a one year old dog that had good genetics but no real hunting or training experience. George worked with me and each dog and owner in the class, personally. Dogs got plenty of bird work! Time was hands on, yard/field work discussing and enforcing the principals of dog behavior. It was fantastic! I learned so much! This training was exactly what I needed! Reinforcing how dogs learn and canine behavior, George's school got the dogs into birds every day. With consistency and reinforcement, I learned to work with my one year old dog to help him not only in the field but at home as well. I am ready to go back next year after his first year in the field!
Corrine Fagan

For more than 10 years George Hickox has been helping me train my hunting dogs. Three German Shorthairs have gone through Georgeís program. With Georgeís extensive knowledge and help, all three have been a pleasure to hunt with in the field and have   excellent bird manners. Georges training program consistently provides positive and lasting results.  All of my dogs have been started by attending one of Georges' 4 day schools. He is an excellent teacher and every person and dog there will get his personnel attention. His objective is for each person to gain knowledge on how to successfully continue their dogs training after they leave the school. Also, I have found Georges' one- on- one consultation to be fun, and a great way to continue your dogs training as it becomes more advanced.

When it comes to bird dog training, George is the real deal. He is committed to teaching owners how to bring out the best in their dogs.  
                                                                             ~Bob Curtis TN

I have attended 4 of Georgeís training schools starting in 2002 and most recently in 2013. Additionally, I have hunted my dogs with him in Kansas. Each time I have come away with new knowledge that has helped me understand how dogs learn and how I can become a more effective trainer. I have witnessed the evolution of his training techniques that now include notifying and rewarding positive behavior in addition to identifying and correcting a dog that violates a known command. This has resulted in a two phase mechanism to develop a dog that is happy to learn and has more style and enthusiasm in his work but is reliable as well. At each venue, the facilities are top notch and the small class allows for a lot of interaction with George and other like-minded hunting dog enthusiasts.

Hunting with George is an unparalleled experience as well. My goal was to understand how a professional guide would approach a wild pheasant hunt while using my own dogs and I was not disappointed. The facilities once again were great and the bird numbers were phenomenal.

Finally, Iím a little embarrassed to mention that I believe some of the information that Iíve learned has helped me as a parent and an employer. Principles such as making certain a task is understood prior to demanding excellence, identifying and rewarding correct actions, and consistent repetition and not repeating commands over and over apply to all areas of interpersonal and business interactions as well (no E-Collar however).

In my experience, time spent learning from George is indeed time well spent. You will become a better trainer through a better understanding of how dogs learn and how to get the most out of your dog. I would enthusiastically recommend attending to anyone who is serious about becoming a more knowledgeable trainer and developing a "bragging rights bird dog".
                                                                             ~Dr. Tom Jackson

I have been working with George Hickox for the past 8 years and I have purchased both finished pointers and labs from George which are world class gun dogs.  I have hunted these dogs on wild birds from the New England grouse woods to the plains on grouse, woodcock, quail, pheasant Sharp-tailís and Huns.   I have also attended multiple training sessions and I have learned from Hickox how to start off a puppy right all the way to dealing with a dog that is shut down from learning.   I have also used George as a consultant to help me find multiple field trial dogs with one that has gone on to win 4 Open Shooting Dog Championships (Touches Hardtimes) over the past 3 years.  If you are looking to become a better trainer, acquire a world class gun dog that you can hunt off of foot or horseback George is the first person I would all.
                                                                             ~John Roswech

I am new to the bird dog scene as my friend introduced me to the wonderful world of the pointing dog.  I loved watching her dogs work so much that I just had to have one.  So I bought one, not realizing how much work it would be to get her trained to look that wonderful. So you might say I was a bit overwhelmed.  I decided I needed some help and enrolled Saidy my 8 month old English setter and myself into George's class. George's class was just what I needed.  He did a wonderful job at breaking down dog training into the simplest of terms. He tailored the class to everyone's needs.  He spent time making sure we all understood the key points of how a dog learns, the importance of consistent repetition, and making sure the dog knows what you are asking of him.  My dog was exposed to many many birds.  She was introduced to the gun the proper way and was also introduced to e-collar.  He made this whole process less intimidating, especially for a female new to this field.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class, learned a lot, and left with a plan of how to proceed to make Saidy the beautiful pointing dog that I was looking for. He gave each attendee a plan of how to proceed based on their current level of age and training.  Each plan was individualized to each dog and owner.   Now all we have to do is execute the plan correctly.  I went in to the class not knowing what to expect, thinking if I learn a little something of this bird dog stuff I would be happy.  But George really did inspire me to set my expectations for Saidy and me even higher than I thought I should.  Thanks George!  I can't wait to get Saidy to the next level.  
                                                                             ~Laurie Inartz

Four and half years ago, I was finally able to convince my family to get a Brittany and we named her Roxy.  While coming from a hunting background, this was my first dog.  Shortly after basic obedience training, I had a friend recommended that I attend one of George Hickoxís  four day group seminars on pointer training.  While I had read a couple of books, and thought I understood the basics of dog training, I knew I needed to learn more.   Roxy was six months old and it was a perfect time for both of us.

The seminar was nothing short of fantastic as I learned how a good bird dog is expected to behave in the field and what was expected of me as a handler.  George described in great detail, but with simplicity, how a dog learns and how to communicate with it.  We learned how to use electronic collars wisely as well as how to incorporate clicker training, hand signals and whistles into yard and field work.  I walked away from that initial seminar with an overwhelming sense of excitement and commitment towards training Roxy as well as a deep understanding of the importance of my role in creating a solid hunting companion.

Since that time, Roxy and I have been focused on the grouse and woodcock that can be found in our woods and I have never in my life enjoyed hunting more.  To see her quartering the woods and then lock up on a grouse is nothing less than one of natureís great wonders.  But after 4 years I thought it would be a good idea to get a refresher as there were tasks that were still to-be improved and refined.  So this past spring, George and I once again spent time together with Roxy through a private, all-day, one-on-one training session.   We focused on our weaknesses of steady to wing and steady to shot and retrieving as well as reviewing dog first-aid.    George again reinforced with me how to be consistent and reward Roxy for tasks well done.

Since this last session, Roxy and I have been making great progress with our tasks and as she approaches her fifth birthday, her confidence and enthusiasm in the field is tremendous and as I mentioned, each year I am finding that I have never enjoyed hunting more.  I am certain that this fall will prove to be our best in terms of working as a team and finding birds with style.  I owe my successful introduction to the sport to George and canít imagine hunting birds today without a companion like Roxy.
John Rathbun OH

As a life member in NSTRS, winner of many championships with different dogs, and a pro trainer for 25 years, there's still room for new ideas, and that's what George Hickox puts in his seminars.  After attending one of his four day seminars, I came away with new ways of getting the results I wanted.  I have added these to my program, and it fits in great.  I never thought I would use certain training aids.  Never Say Never. Thanks George.     
                                                                             ~Jim Smith, Purina Field Staff

I didn't realize how much information I had absorbed from the Reno seminar until at least two weeks had gone by.  After watching your new video, and thinking about what I had learned I was able to get both of my dogs quite a bit further along in their development. I hunted in Montana for a few days,
and although my shorthair is far from being finished, he is showing definate signs of improvement.  I am still in the yard training phase with my pointer, and getting good results with the clicker. Thanks again, you did a great job helping me become a better trainer.    
                                                                              ~Anthony Barbash

I took the course over 10 years ago and thought that I would take it again with my new 11 month old pup simply as refresher course.  Not only did I realized that I had forgotten some of the basics, but much of what I had learned was replaced by newer more effective techniques that made the training much more simplistic and effective.  Specifically, by learning the clicker training as a positive reinforcer for teaching new behaviors, the transition to the e-collar was much more pleasant and easier for both the owner and dog due to the positive reinforcements provided by clickers newly learned behavior.  It made me realize the importance of relying on a full-time pro like George to evaluate and test new techniques for his future students and teach the same techniques that he uses on his very own dogs.  It reinforces that his many decades of knowledge is well worth the investment.  All of the reading and videos on training a gun dog cannot replace the "hands-on" demonstrations and knowledge that George provides to both the student and dog.       
                                                                             ~Charlie Conrad


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