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  1. My dog has not had bird contacts. Is this school for me?
    Absolutely; we use live birds throughout the course. Dogs that need bird contacts will be exposed to a number of birds from which to gain experience.
  2. My dog has not been shot over. Will he be exposed to the gun?
    Once a dog is exposed to birds, the gun is a priority.
  3. My dog has hunting experience but does not hold point reliably. What program do you recommend?
    Dogs will be in yard training drills as well as field drills. We will develop a program for each owner and their dog.
  4. Will I receive personalized attention?
    Class size is limited to ensure individual attention for all owners and their dogs.
  5. How much time is spent in the field?
    The majority of the time is spent in the training field. Live birds will be used for fieldwork for all breeds. The outside work is a combination of yard work and bird work.
  6. Will we be outside all the time?
    The majority of the time is spent in the field. There is classroom discussion covering how dogs learn, nutrition, fats, proteins, glycogen, and their impact on training and hunting. Additionally, we will cover emergency vet care in a classroom environment.
  7. Is lunch included in the price?
  8. How young do you accept dogs?
    Once a pup has been fully vaccinated, he is ready for our school. This is a great age to instill the hunting instincts, and properly expose the pup to birds and yard training.
  9. What do I need to bring?
    A dog bowl, leather or nylon collar, dog food, rain gear, field clothes, and a lawn chair.
  10. Should I bring my e-collar?
    If you have one, bring it. If not, do not buy one. We have e-collars that are superior low-level training collars. It is a plus to introduce the dog to e-collar training at the school. However, many dogs have already received stimulation prior to this. Either way, you will learn a complete e-collar program.
  11. Will I learn about clicker training?
    Absolutely; clickers are a valuable training tool. We will cover positive reinforcement training, conditioned response, variable reinforcement, and avoidance training.
  12. Will I know how to continue when I return home?
    Each student will get an individualized program for his or her dog at the end of the class.
  13. Do you offer private consultation?
    Often owners book time either before or after one of our schools. The rate is $600 for half a day and $1000 for a full day.  Please Click Here for More Details

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