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c  The D.T. Systems 2420 series e-collar is an exceptional training tool.  Like all the D.T. products the unit is extremely dependable and I can count on it to perform when I need it.  This unit has an extensive range of low levels in addition to higher levels giving the trainer absolute levels to match the dog and the situation.  The rise and jump modes allow for instant additional levels without having to fumble with buttons and dials.

The D.T. Systems bird launchers, with the incorporated beeper, are a necessary piece of training equipment for owners of any breed of hunting dog.  Whether looking for reliable bark collars, dummy launchers, bird launchers, or e-collars check out D.T. Systems entire product line.  They are my choice for all my training needs.  When training I want to have all my tools readily accessible. The Coyote Leather modular system training belt is fantastic. I have the option of adding pistol holsters, bird bags, bumper bags, water bottles, O-rings, snaps -whatever I need to the Coyote Leather belt. Whether training retrievers, flushers or pointers, you can have your tools of the trade at your finger tips. ESPís Electronic Shooters Protection are custom fitted electronic hearing devices which protects your hearing from the damage of noises over 90db while enabling you to hear all the natural sounds around you. I use the ESP Stealth model which provides the highest quality digital sound.  I can dial out unwanted background noises while still hearing a bird flush, the sound of a dogís bell, or my hunting partners talking in a normal tone while safeguarding my hearing from the sound of gunfire.  Protect your hearing with ESP Electronic Shooters Protection. Damaged hearing from the report of a shotgun or blank pistol will not come back.-George Hickox "Diarrhea dehydrates a dog preventing the bird dog from giving his best effort.  Traveling can cause a dogís gastrointestinal tract to get out of balance.  Forti Flora is a probiotic that can help keep your dog ready for the hunt.  Probiotics are live microorganisms that benefit intestinal functions that help restore normal intestinal health and balance.  Anytime I am going on the road with my dogs I add Forti Flora to their food beginning three days before traveling and keep them on Forti Flora during the trip.  It is only common sense to save the hunt, help your dog give his best performance, and aid his overall health and immune system."
                                                                    - George Hickox
GHCTC Visit our sister site for more information on training K9s for police and military uses. Includes patrol dogs and explosive & narcotics detection.  Snell's Gun Dog Supply opened by Anne & Warner Snell in 1972, online since 1997. Safe, easy & secure. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Want to train your retriever or bird dog? Just got a new puppy and don't know where to start? Need to buy gifts for dog lovers? Stop that barking dog from ruining your day! Get the best no bark collar money can buy for you and your dog (and your neighbors). Stop your dog from digging in the yard, messing with the trash, or jumping up on people? We carry a full line of remote training, bark, and containment collars. Read our online collars buyers' guide or give us a call at 1-800-624-6378. Remember: FREE SHIPPING on orders over $125 (US48). Lion Country Supply is the leader in dog training equipment and electronic dog training collars and are considered "the source" for amateurs and professionals. We offer the largest selection of hunting dog supplies worldwide. Experience our World Class Customer Service online or call 1-800-662-5202 for a knowledgeable gun dog training product expert.  Our truck mounted dog boxes and pull trailer are built by Mountain Top. We put a lot of miles on in a year traveling with our dogs. Safety and dependability are of paramount importance. Mountain Top boxes and trailers are exceptionally engineered and manufactured to exacting standards. Mountain top Kennels can assist you in designing a topper, chassis mount or trailer to meet your needs.  Ever since our first issue in 1993, THE POINTING DOG JOURNAL has been recognized as The Sporting Dog Authority 
by serious pointing dog people around the world. 
And thereís a reason for that: 
We are all Ė editors, authors, and photographers Ė real pointing dog people. We produce this great magazine from the grouse and woodcock country of northern Michigan, not the concrete canyons of Los Angeles or New York. This isnít just what we do for a living, itís our life; itís who we are, and it shows in every issue.  "We feed Purina Pro Plan Performance to our adult dogs and Purina Pro Plan Puppy to our pups; we have for years. Pro Plan is a superior dog food. Just look at the winner's circle and you will see champion upon champion that gets his fuel from a Purina diet. Do not let your dog get overweight; give your dog regular exercise and feed Purina. That is the formula for more success in the field and a healthy companion that will live longer."
                                                                  - George Hickox When the host of Wingshooting USA television Scott Lindenís dogs blow a retrieve, itís usually ďoperator error,Ē his fault. And he admits it. Thatís why he invented the Real Bird Bumper. Same weight, size, behavior and shape as a dead bird, so it forces dogs to retrieve correctly.

There are no hard plastic parts to poke a dogís eye, nor rigid foam to encourage hard-mouth, and whoís ever met a cylinder-shaped bird? Made in USA of non-toxic materials containing no BPA, with an unconditional guarantee, Scottís Real Bird Bumper makes both of you better hunters. - From upland gunning and waterfowling to sporting clays, Shooting Sportsman celebrates all that is good about wingshooting: its traditions and the people who keep them alive, the birds and the bird dogs, and the exciting places to visit along the wayóbe they around the corner or around the world. It also honors the craftsmanship inherent in every fine shotgun, with stories about the best American, British and Continental gunmakers, engravers and custom gunsmiths.  Inventors and professional tie-out and anchoring system developers  Every dog owner needs to know how to perform emergency procedures that may arise.  Hunters are often far from a veterinarian.  The knowledge of canine emergency care in order to keep the dog alive until the dog can be put into the hands of a veterinarian is the responsibility of all owners.  VTG offers seminars for clubs, organizations, and individuals seeking to educate dog owners on practical emergency measures.  

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