Consultation / Training Testimonials

Once the fall season ends and the snow begins it is impossible to train dogs in Northeast Ohio. Every year I send my two dogs down to George for winter training and conditioning where his facilities are second to none. A few months later they return healthy, covered with new muscle and happy as clams. The result: Three Shooting Dog of the Year awards since 2007. ~Larry Sutter

How do you say totally dedicated and committed? That is easy – George Hickox! If you don’t believe this just attend one of George’s seminars or have him do private consulting for you. We have done both and could not be more satisfied. George has a passion for and a dedication to dog training that is evident from the moment you meet him. In his seminars you will be exposed not only to problems you may be having with your own dog but also to problems you will see in other dogs. Whether you are a bird dog trainer with twenty years of experience or a novice, you need to attend but you must be prepared to leave all of your pre-conceived ideas at home and listen with an open and receptive mind. While his is not the only training method out there, his produces a bold and confident dog that enjoys what he is doing and an owner who has the tools, understanding and confidence to maintain that dog.

You will come away from George’s seminar or private consultation with the benefit of years of work and thousands of hours of experience over which have evolved new and innovative methods of training. This is because George is constantly seeking out and assessing new ideas, his own and those of others, in order to find better and more effective ways to improve both your dog’s performance and your performance as a trainer. George has no hesitation in saying that he was wrong if a better or more productive method comes along. He is very quick to say that when you find a good idea, steal it! His are, however, the methods that work and they will work for you if consistently applied. We feel that private consultations gave us more bang for the buck. You have George’s undivided attention for yourself and your dog (or dogs) for the entire time. George wants every dog and every dog owner to be the very best that they can be.

If you enjoy watching a masterful professional at work, you will NOT be disappointed.
If you can appreciate the insights and observations gleaned from a lifetime of experiences, you will NOT be disappointed. And last but not least, If you are truly interested in learning from someone totally dedicated to dog training and committed to making you and your dog the very best that you can possibly be, then you will NOT be disappointed! ~Wiley and Nancy McCall

I recently had the pleasure of spending two days with George Hickox for a private seminar. From the time George arrived at my home to the days we spent in the field, I can whole-heartedly say that it was the single best training experience of my life. The way he broke down the communication barrier between my dog and I was truly amazing! I plan on seeing George at least once a year to continue our training. Whether you are just starting your Gundog training or looking to take it to the next level I would recommend George Hickox without exception. ~Darren Beylouni, Ridgefield CT

The results far exceeded our expectations!
I was excited to hear the shooting chairmen of our hunting club, also my husband, had scheduled The George Hickox training classes at our club. Consecutively run, it was four days for pointing dogs and then four days for flushing dogs.

Having previously attended a George Hickox training class about four years earlier with our English Setter Roxi I was eager to sign up again with our new pup Remy. The format was similar to what I remembered, but the new training techniques we were introduced to were brilliant. With the clicker and positive reinforcement training our dogs were upbeat and excited about learning. The speed in which they learned and their cooperation was amazing. We were also introduced to new E-collar techniques which complement the positive reinforcement training.

Since the class we are following the individual assessment training outline we received. Even our 11 year old setter wants to get in on the “fun”. The George Hickox training class reviews from our club members in our class have been extraordinary. They loved the individual attention, group interaction and support, the training mythology and they all want to know “When can we schedule the next training class?”

We’ve also set up dog training equipment at our club house so we can continue our training as a group. ~Jean Pieros