English Pointer Testimonials

After meeting George for the first time in Montana, it is quite obvious how this world class guy makes such an impact to the dog world.  You see it not only in his dogs, but you see how everyone that he associates with benefits from his knowledge.  I purchased a 2 year old English Pointer from George last year and could not be happier.  The dog handled the transition very well and is a pleasure to hunt with.  It is very enjoyable watching the dog do what he was trained to do.  The effectiveness you have in the field with a dog of that caliber turns a good hunt into a memorable experience.  I cannot thank George enough for his continuing support with the dog and additional training advice.  With the purchase of this dog, I gained not only an excellent bird dog but a wonderful friend in George Hickox.

Mike Schneider, MN

Although an avid grouse and woodcock hunter, my career does not afford me the time to train my pointers from pup to finished bird dog.  George’s Level 1 program has been a real winner for me, allowing the dogs to experience hundreds of birds in the field during the critical first weeks of their lives, something that I am not able to do.  George’s structured training regiment has allowed me to move my dogs up the learning curve quickly, maximizing the number of seasons I can walk into the coverts with a bold, confident companion.

I recently purchased my third Level 1 dog from George and like the other two, she is already
making huge strides to becoming a great bird dog, something that would have taken me a year or more to accomplish from a new pup.  I firmly believe that George’s Level 1 program is the reason my dogs have been so successful in finding, pointing and retrieving both grouse and woodcock in the North woods of Michigan so early in their careers.   Here’s to the next, great first season.
Thanks George!

Matt Kress