Private Clinics & Schools

George offers private clinics, schools, and consultations for individuals, clubs, and organizations. Programs are tailored for the individual goals and objectives of the client. In addition to bird dog enthusiasts we conduct private clinics for organizations seeking advanced training techniques for behavior modification and advanced e-collar programs. References for special canine behavior training will be furnished where applicable.

George will discuss the objectives and work with the individuals to design a program with the intended goal in mind. The program can be structured to concentrate on obedience, behavior modification, the conditioned retrieve, handling in control, the e-collar, backing, field manners or any priorities the host wishes to maximize. A complete and comprehensive training program may be the objective. George will work with the program initiator to develop a successful blueprint for the event.

A program kicks off with a power point presentation designed to bring owners, handlers, and trainers to a higher level of understanding of canine behavior and how dogs learn. Effective and proven methods of yard training techniques that will develop dogs that respond to commands with compliance and style will be covered in a comprehensive program. Clicker training and positive reinforcement, behavior modification, barrel and board work, the proper use of the e-collar and low level stimulation, and avoidance training are a sampling of the programs comprehensiveness.
Field exercises for bird dogs incorporating the use of live birds into point drills for the pointing breeds and sit to flush and steadiness for the flushing/retrieving breeds will be covered in depth. The field time will give owners and handlers a clear understanding of proven training techniques.”

Clubs may wish to include a PUPPY DAY dedicated to owners of a young pup or individuals about to acquire a new puppy. Often a handicap for many hunting dog owners is that too much time had passed before the dog was introduced to birds making the development of the dog in the field more difficult. A PUPPY DAY is a great way of getting owners and their pups off to a great start with
proper bird introduction and a sound program of the beginning steps of training. A PUPPY DAY can comprise one of the days or can be added as an additional day to the program. Clubs and organization can charge a separate fee for a PUPPY DAY as a revenue generator or offer as a benefit to potentially new members.

To discuss specifics and schedule an event please call the office to set up a time for George to discuss your individual wishes.