ur class sizes are limited to provide more individualized training for owners and their dogs. We will be doing more field exercises and more bird drills with our new format with owner hands on training. I will give owners exercises to do in the weeks before attending the school. Once the owner has worked with their dog at home, I will ask for an update and make suggestions on preparing the dog for  the drills and exercises that will be implemented in the schools. Attendees will receive one of our DVD’s for their review prior to attending the school workshops. This way we can get more accomplished in the three day format than ever before with more individualized training for owners and their dogs with more bird and field exercises.

What We Teach
The Basics:
  • How dogs learn and principles of canine behavior
  • How to correctly get your dog to hold point
  • Point drills with live birds
  • Training a dog to be steady to wing and shot
  • The correct way to incorporate low level e-collar training into a program
  • The use of marker/clicker training with positive reinforcement
  • How to correctly teach avoidance training, hunting in range, and the recall and whoa commands
  • Generalization and proofing
  • Proper nutrition, feeding, and conditioning
  • Emergency vet care
Dog Training Schools for Hunting Dogs  
The hands-on training experience you receive under George’s guidance will benefit you with the dog you have now, and it’s also an investment in the dog you will have down the road. The wealth of knowledge gained from this class saves years of making and fixing mistakes. Owners and dogs at every level will benefit. The exchange of ideas and questions about dog behavior and training along with the camaraderie and focus of other students makes for an unbeatable learning experience.
$1,250 for owner and one dog
$995 for people who have attended a previous school within the last 3 years
$295 for family member attending without a dog
Free children under the age of 16 when attending with an adult
$275 additional dogs

$595 for auditors without a dog
* Deposits refundable up to 60 days prior to event 

Seminars for Dog Clubs, Kennels and Hunt Clubs.
George Hickox Bird Dogs offers seminars for dog clubs and hunt clubs.
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